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Frank, the English Bulldog

This year we will be introducing a therapy dog as needed on our campus. Research shows that therapy dogs offer significant benefits to students in the educational environment. Many students today are dealing with a variety of social and emotional issues, and the ability to share a moment with a loving dog can make quite a difference in their lives. In fact, New York Public Schools has led the way in this area and are now expanding the program.  

Since Frank is in training, I have asked all the students to just say "hi" to him at this point. In time, they will be able to pet him and interact with him. Currently Frank visits the school a couple times a week for very short visits. He walks the halls while students are in class to get used to the sounds and senses of the campus. Once he is fully trained and certified, Frank will be available to students for a variety of services. He can comfort an upset student, bring a smile to those who need one, and even help students with reading literacy.

We are committed to offering our students every opportunity to grow socially and emotionally, while providing them opportunities to deal with emotional issues as they arise. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to discuss this new initiative at (480) 664.5511.